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Holy Week: Palm Sunday

In one of the best movies of all time,Boyz n the Hood, has one of the saddest endings in a movie ever. (Spoiler alert soon but if you haven't seen it by now that's way too long.) Ricky Baker is an athlete who lives in the hood in California in the early 90s. While he's not personally involved in gang life he is someone who is affiliated with others who are deep into it. Th...

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5 Things to Know About Who Jesus Is


It is one of the most discussed topics in the world and as a Christian the most important one that we can answer correctly. The question is "Who is Jesus?" Or put another way as he said it himself "Who do YOU say that I am? (emphasis mine) Many would call Jesus a great teacher of morals or perhaps even a prophet. Growing up I always had this loose idea that he was a reall...

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Holy Week Part 3: The Word of Affection

I remember when I was helping serve at a youth camp we had a sermon in which the preacher discussed the sermon where Jesus says that our allegiance to Him should be so great that it makes our love even for our family look like hatred. It was a very stirring sermon that discussed our devotion to Christ over even the good things like family in our lives. There was a young ma...

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