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5 Things to Know About Who Jesus Is


It is one of the most discussed topics in the world and as a Christian the most important one that we can answer correctly. The question is “Who is Jesus?” Or put another way as he said it himself “Who do YOU say that I am? (emphasis mine)

Many would call Jesus a great teacher of morals or perhaps even a prophet. Growing up I always had this loose idea that he was a really good guy that God just supernaturally adopted because he saw potential in him like  

While wrestling with this question there are good reasons and good foundations for what we believe about Jesus and I just want to list a couple of them and link to some good resources that may help you out also.

1. Jesus is fully God. This is stated by Christ Himself (Mark 14:61-64, John 8:58-59, John 10:30-33) He is worshipped (John 20:28), He is prayed to (Acts 7:59), and other historians claimed that the early believers worshipped Christ so this was not just an invention later on by a church that wanted to validate its religion as some have claimed.

2. Jesus is fully Man. The full humanity of Christ is very important as well. There is no 50/50 when it comes to his identity. He is not half man and half God but fully both. 

3. Jesus is the only way to salvation. Though many claim to give enlightenment and many claim religious exclusivity we do not say this. We do not even try to give our opinion on what Christ said. Rather we simply declare that He is the only way by which we can fully know God in the truest sense (John 14:6). This is not to say other people cannot sense supernatural things or that they cannot have observations that are very true but rather to know God in the truest sense of how we were created is to be through Him.

4. Jesus was a real person. He is not a myth or a legend akin to Hercules or other ancient myths. We have very good historical reasons to believe that He existed in time as a real person. Even adamant atheist Bart Ehrman argues for the existence of Jesus by stating "The Messiah was supposed to overthrow the enemies – and so if you're going to make up a messiah, you'd make up a powerful messiah," he says. "You wouldn't make up somebody who was humiliated, tortured and then killed by the enemies."

There are also some other good reasons that William Lane Craig outlines here as to why we can have good reasons and evidences for the life of Jesus and his claims. 

5. Jesus never sinned. Though tempted in all ways like we are He nevertheless gave into sin and in every way that Adam failed as the model for humanity Christ succeeds. In this humanity he was “made perfect” according to Hebrew 5:9. Although Jesus never sinned he modeled obedience and resisted sin even when confronted with incredibly difficult circumstances. (Matthew 4:1-11)

If you are interested more in exploring the life of Jesus there are a few good and accessible books like Vintage Jesus, The Jesus I Never Knew, or Jesus the King

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