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Finding Joy on Valentine's Day


It's Valentine's Day, a day for love and romance. You know the routine, all the guys scramble last minute to find flowers, and the ladies put on their best, fake smile as they receive another oversized teddy bear. However, you're single. There's no boyfriend to write a letter to, no wife to lay roses on the bed for, no girlfriend to buy a special (oversized teddy bear) gift for, and no husband to outmatch his expensive bouquet of roses from last year. There's no date waiting for you, and if you're lucky, maybe your mom or dad will remember to tell you that they love you.

Valentine's Day can be difficult for singles, especially Christian singles. You hear about the blessings and rewards of marriage, yet you're still waiting on your bride or groom. You volunteer at church, join a LifeGroup, do all the right things, hoping to meet a Godly man or woman, yet you still find yourself searching. You tell your married friends that you're content, because after all, you did save all that money by not having to pay for a special date, and saved an extra six hours of your life not having to pick out the perfect outfit, right? Even though you tell everyone those things, you find yourself wondering why no one, maybe not even God, loves you. However, in the midst of all the emotions, Christian singles can find hope in the Biblical truths of God's great and endless love for us.


God loves you. Those three words should rock your world. Sadly, however, that truth has lost its power for many Christians today. Those words get tossed around so lightly, that we have gotten used to it. We have bought into the lie that God is required to love us. We forget to stop and think of what it means for a holy God to love and embrace a rebellious people.

We have all sinned and fallen short. We were children of wrath, dead in our trespasses and enemies of God. But God, being rich in love, while we were still yet sinners, sent his perfect Son as a bloody substitute for us. And now, resurrected, Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father, intercedes for us and has sent his Spirit to be with us. God's love is unearned, unending, and unfettered, and it's given to all who rely on Jesus as their Savior. Regardless of your relationship status, remember that you are loved more than you could ever imagine!


Not only are you loved, but you are never alone. Never. Before the world was made, God knew you. He knew your name, and he wants a relationship with you. Let that sink in. The God who spoke the stars into existence, of whom the angels sing songs of worship to, made you by hand wants to know you.  Of course, we are all relationally broken because of our sin, but because you have entrusted Christ as your Savior, you have full access to God through his Spirit. God himself is within you, you are not alone.


Jesus didn't just to save you or me, he died to save his bride. As Christians, we share a bond with our brothers and sisters that is unique to only us in this world, God's saving grace. Even the angels in heaven have yet to feel this love, it's only for sinners who have been saved. This means that at LifePoint, you're interacting with people who are closer to you than your biological family. This means that the friendships you make at church will carry into eternity! Don't take this news lightly, be encouraged there is a family that loves you, that welcomes you in despite your mistakes, your pain, and your loneliness.

So, be honest with yourself this Valentine's Day. Be honest with yourself, your friends, and most importantly, God. When you begin to feel lonely, spend time with God in his Word, and with the brothers and sisters around you. Let them be an encouragement to you. When you begin to feel unloved, remember the miraculous love God has freely given you. And lastly, never forget to buy her the extra big, oversized teddy bear.


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